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  • Kina Social Ventures
    1501 - 2628 Ash St
    Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 4L2
  • Educating Girls

    Increasingly, the face of global poverty is a female one.  It is the girl who cannot read and the mother who cannot write her own name.  But the face of hope is also female.  It is the young woman who teaches her sister how to write her name and the mother who sends her daughters to school.  Access to quality education is the best tool we have in the fight against global poverty.

    By educating girls and women, they become more productive citizens, contribute more to the development of their communities and take their rightful place as equal members of society.

  • Our Goal

    “Keeping girls in school”

    An education empowers girls to become future leaders in their communities, serving as role models and mentors to others girls – this is one of the most powerful catalysts for positive social change we have.  A girls voice tells the real story – with the impact on their families and communities being a personal journey  of discovery as varied as the girls we support.

    Currently, our work focuses in Nepal – a country with tremendous cultural wealth and natural beauty but insufficient resources to provide basic education and primary health care to its citizens, particularly girls and women in rural communities.

  • Our Team

    Board of Directors

    Dave Wood

    After establishing a successful business Dave took time off to travel the world, exploring and volunteering along the way.  As a result he has worked and lived in Sri Lanka, Nepal and throughout South Asia over the past decade. He has worked with grassroots rural organizations and large scale international development projects in the area of education (ADB and CIDA funded projects).  But it was while living and volunteer teaching in a rural Nepali mountain village in 2001 that he fully realized that he needed to do more – consequently the spark for Kina Social Ventures was born in 2002.


    Ashish Gurung

    Ashish is an Instructor at Simon Fraser University teaching classes in Social Media within the Faculty of Business Administration. He led a non-profit organization that impacted the lives of youths and businesses through entrepreneurial values. Ashish is of Nepalese descent – his father was the founder of the Nepal Cultural Society of BC – an organization promoting Nepali culture in Canada.  Ashish is also currently a Project Manager at QuickMobile, a company providing mobile applications for conferences and events.


    Ben Ayers
    Ben is a writer, activist, climber, conservationist, and was the founder of Porters Progress, a Nepali NGO dedicated to improving working conditions of mountain porters in Nepal.  Ben worked intensively with porters in Nepal from 1998 for more than 10 years, spending almost 5 years in-country.  Ben is fluent in Nepali and has a bachelor’s degree from Bates College. He currently lives and works full time in Nepal for an international NGO, Dzi Foundation, as their Nepal International Program director.


    Nepal Leadership and Partners

    Ang Chokpa Sherpa | Nepal program administration

    In addition to working with Kina Social Ventures since 2003, Ang Chokpa has worked for a number of conservation and development organizations over the past ten years including the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee and Porters’ Progress of Nepal.  She is working as the Nepal deputy director for an international NGO (Dzi Foundation) providing leadership in the delivery of rural community development projects.  In addition, she has earned two masters degrees in rural development and sociology.

    The Small World (TSW) is a non profit and non government social organization established with the mission to make the world smaller by narrowing the gap between developed nations and third world countries like Nepal.  They strive to accomplish this by working together, side by side, in locally driven sustainable community development projects that have a strong focus on girl’s and women’s needs.  The goal is to improve the socio-economic standard of underserved communities where education, health, and basic infrastructure are restrained. They partner with international organizations & volunteers creating a unique opportunity to serve as members of the  global community.


    Corporate Partners

    Our partners are a major factor in our success. They provide us with much needed financial support to continue delivering our programs.   Should you be interested in becoming a partner please contact us for details.

    Ouest Business Solutions, Vancouver Canada

    Wirefire Solutions Inc, Vancouver Canada

    Slipstream Ventures Inc, Vancouver Canada

  • Core Values

    • We believe that every person can make a valuable contribution to society.  And we believe that women are equal partners in any decision-making process.
    • We believe that people in the community know best.  They are the most knowledgeable experts at defining their priorities, assessing their needs and developing solutions.
    • We believe in providing support and encouragement to individuals with the motivation and vision to be leaders in their community.
    • We believe in the importance of preserving and respecting local culture and we strive to be sensitive and fair in our work.
    • We believe in quality, not quantity.  Although our programs are small, we believe their impact can be large and far-reaching.
    • We believe that sustainability, positive change and durable solutions take time – we are patient.
  • Operating Principles

    • We measure success by the impact an education has on each girl we support.
    • We will be flexible and collaborative in our approach.  We will evaluate feedback on a regular basis to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our programs.
    • We partner with local groups and individuals so that our work remains grounded at the community level.  We will value the trust placed in us by these partners.
    • We enhance the effectiveness of our programs by partnering with organizations whose work complements our own.
    • We ensure that there is continuous involvement from the community at every stage of our programs.
    • We do not have any religious, political or governmental affiliations.
    • We will be ethical stewards of all financial donations made in support of our programs. Currently 100% of all financial contributions go directly to programs in Nepal.
  • FAQ's

    Is Kina a charitable organization?

    Yes, Kina has been a registered Canadian Charity since 2003 (854041886R0001).  All  charitable donations made by Canadians are tax deductible.


    When was Kina created?

    Kina Social Ventures was founded in 2002 when the first child was provided educational support to stay in school in rural Nepal.  In the early days a number of the girls Kina supported were part of a program we called Porter’s Daughters, helping the daughters of mountain porters stay in school.


    Does Kina support girls in countries other than Nepal?

    Not currently.   We focus our programs and projects to communities in rural eastern Nepal.


    Where did the name Kina come from?

    Kina (pronounced key-na) means WHY in Nepali.  WHY does it have to be like this for girls, and WHY not do something to change it … Why? a better world.