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  • Kina Social Ventures
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  • Overview

    Kina has been supporting Nepali girls to stay in school since 2002.   We currently provide educational scholarships and healthcare services to over 75 girls, and growing.  We are careful to only introduce new girls into the program when we can ensure full support through their complete educational arc – it is a long-term responsibility that we take very seriously.



    Our approach to selecting girls for the program is based on a participatory style, with our Nepali program coordinator working with teachers, local NGO’s, women’s groups and PTAs to identify girls that are at risk of not staying in school due to circumstances out of their control.  We push the decision making to the community members who better understand the needs, background, and the potential of the girls.

    The level of financial assistance is tailored to the specific needs and circumstance  of the individual – ranging from orphans and single parent families who can’t afford to send their daughter to school, to those needing to stay in a safe hostel while attending a school not in their village area (for example attending a regional college).   Keeping them in school also means supporting their medical needs as they arise (e.g. illness and emergency surgeries).

    To help them make the most of their education we provide funding for tutors to assist the girls in preparing for the national SLC exams – helping to ensure their success and forward momentum.


  • Program Details

    Phase Specifics
    Secondary School
    1. Participants will complete Class 10 and work towards earning a School Leaving Certificate.
    2. To the extent possible, students will study in or near their home community.
    3. Kina will provide school fees, supplies, uniform and room-boarding costs up to 35,000 rupees per year ($500CAD).


    Advanced Education
    1. Support post-secondary course of study.
    2. Vocational/Technical/College training in relevant field.
    3. Kina will provide school fees, exams, tutors, supplies, uniform and room-boarding costs up to 50,000 rupees per year ($700CAD)


    Employment Bridging
    1. Upon completion of advanced education, participants must commit to working in community– with emphasis on healthcare, education or business.
    2. Kina will provide financial support – up to 35,000 rupees per year ($500CAD).
  • Program FAQ's

    Who is the program typically open to?

    • Girls who have completed class 3 or higher– typically 8 to 18 years of age
    • Girls without the financial means to continue their education.
    • Girls from all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.


    How do we choose the candidates?

    • With great difficulty – based on need, motivation and commitment to community service.
    • Our Nepali staff performs interviews with the candidates, their families and community members.
    • We will only bring on a new candidate when we have confirmed financial sponsorship for the duration of their involvement (typically 2 to 10 years).


    What is the commitment of the participants?

    • Work hard at school and maintain a high level of academic achievement.
    • Give back to their community and provide support to other girls in the program.


    What does Kina commit to?

    • Subsidizing the cost of tuition and living expenses while participants complete their education, amount varies on each girl’s specific situation.
    • Provide healthcare support, including emergency medical care when required.
    • Once a girl has completed her advanced education, will we provide bridging employment salary for up to 2 years.
    • Assist them in community service work – help them define projects, assist with facilitation, work with local NGOs and provide support as needed.


    How do we manage their progress?

    • A Nepali coordinator will monitor participants’ school progress, conduct field visits and provide mentoring.
    • Kina directors conduct yearly visits and monitor program development.