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Keeping girls in school is our only purpose.


    a girl's future is out of her control

  • our SOLUTION

    keeping girls in school

  • be the CHANGE

    empower a girl with a gift of an education

  • video courtesy of: Girl Effect

    Girls of Rural Nepal

    Kina Founder, David Wood …


    Working in Nepal since 2001, I have seen first hand the difficult situation that girls can face.  The demographics in the schools are skewed with girls dropping out earlier than boys; having to work in the home or fields, looking after younger siblings, and being married off at a young age.   The bias towards boys over girls runs deep and wide, but it is starting to change as a direct result of educating girls and young women.  Women with an education are starting to emerge in leadership roles within their community and beyond, but they still have a long way to travel to close the gender gap.

    To help address this our focus at Kina has been “keeping girls in school”.   This might seem straightforward but the cultural and economic dynamics in a country such as Nepal make it extremely challenging.


    To understand the situation and gain further insight into what it means to be a young girl in rural Nepal, please view the  videos on this page.


    video courtesy of: UNFPA

    video courtesy of: theSmallWorld

    video courtesy of: Girl Effect

  • A few of the girls in our Education Program

  • 3 easy ways you can impact her world.

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      WHY? a better world.

    What it takes to keep ONE girl in school

    • Primary/Secondary School

      $200 - 500/yr

    • Advanced Education

      $500 - 700/yr

    • Employment Bridging